Beef Pro Adult Breeder's Pack 22.73kg



Beef Pro Breeders Pack Adult 22.73kg

  • High in protein and vitamins for adult dogs
  • Breeders choice
  • Beef based
  • High in multivitamins for the adult dogs daily nutrition need
  • Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids to promote shiny coat and healthy skin


Beef Pro is a high protein, high energy and highly digestible beef meal based dry dog food in an easy to chew, bite size form.

Because of  the highly digestible formula, even the most demanding nutritional requirement can be met by feeding less than other commercial dog foods.

High density nutrition results in a lower feeding amount with firmer stools and reduced stool volume.
A blend of natural beef flavors is basted on each morsel so even the most difficult to please dog will dig into it.

For  those pet owners who prefer to feed a diet that does not contain chicken meal, this is beef meal.


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