Calming Bed® for Dogs and Cats

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Size: Medium 60cm
Color: Elephant Grey
₱1,640 ₱1,800


The Perfect Bed To Calm Your Pets' Anxiety.

Calming Effect: 

Higher walls let your pet feel protected and has benefits for your dog or cat's nervous system, making them feel calm and secure when you're not around.

Like a Mother's Touch: 

Soft and cozy faux fur that mimics being with their mother. This creates security and emotional safety, reducing vulnerability and stress.

Helps Posture: 

Raised walls support your dog or cat's neck that help with spine alignment when sleeping, relieving pressure around the body.

Beautifully Stylish: 

This aesthetic bed perfectly matches your home interior and style. Say goodbye to beds that cause an eyesore. 

Machine Washable: 

Is the bed due for a cleaning? Just pop it in your washing machine to eliminate orders and excess hair. Important to note: DRY IMMEDIATELY AFTER WASHING.

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