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Title: 250ml with Spray
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First and only Leave-On Rinse and Sanitizer made from 100% Neem Extract plus Aloe Vera and Lavender. 

Concerned that it's color green? Don't worry! That's because it's made from 100% neem aqueous extract, other plant derivatives, plus aloe vera. It also has lavender for a light, calming, fresh scent. Best sprayed on in between baths to freshen coat, after a visit to the vet, or before walks to keep pet clean and smelling fresh while keeping creepy crawlies away. Spray the diluted solution directly on hot spots & wounds. May be poured on infected areas after bath.

 FDA registered making it safe for humans to use as a hand sanitizer, cleanser, or body deodorizer! 

* Concentrated. Available in 250 ml., which can make up to 20 litres of rinse solution.


Shake bottle to mix the natural plant extracts. Fill spray bottle with water up to the line and add 2.5ml of Leave-On rinse concentrate.
For furbabies:
  • Spray generously on paws after walks
  • Use to clean butt after potty time
  • Spritz on fur after intense romping and playdates (just brush to dry) to remove germs and icky smells
  • Spray before going outdoors to repel bugs
  • Apply on wounds and hot sores to clean
For humans, spray on hands as a sanitizer, or body to freshen up.


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