Petter Pet Grooming Wipes 80 Pulls x 4 Packs (Savers Bundle)



Why choose Petter Pet Grooming Wipes?

Safe Anti-Bacterial Formula

Removes stains, odors, and bacteria with its anti-oxidant sterilization formula.


Completely free of parabens, alcohol, fragrances, chlorine, and harsh chemicals.

High Quality

Made with quality non-woven spun-lace cloths for effective cleaning and use.

How to use Pet Grooming Wipes?

  1. Wipe mouth - after feeding to remove food stains and smells

  2. Wipe paws - after long walks or before bedtime to clean paws without bathing

  3. Wipe bottoms - after doing number 1 and number 2 for a fresh feeling

  4. Wipe tear stains - remove tear stains with gentle anti-oxidant cleaning formula

  5. Wipe everywhere - perfect for spot cleaning, between baths

  6. Wipe your pupper - perfect for puppies who are too young for baths



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