Petter Care Male Dog Wraps 12pcs Medium - Super Absorbent Male Dog Diaper Male Wraps

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Petter Care Disposable Male Wraps Medium - 12's

Fits Tiny to Small Dogs: 19 - 37cm waist size

Say hello to your new favorite brand of pet diapers from Petter Care.

Ultra Absorbent - High quality fibers are absorb your dog's wee and holds it securely to avoid spills and further accidents.

Easy to Wear - Specially designed to fit dogs of all sizes, these male wraps are easy to wear on your dogs with strong non-itch velcro straps to ensure a snug fit.

Wetness Marker - These wraps come with wetness indicators that let you know when its time to change the diapers.

Just look for the three yellow lines under - if it turns green, its time to change!

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