Royal Canin French Bulldog Adult 3kg Dry Dog Food



This Royal Canin formula is designed exclusively for pure breed French Bulldogs over 12 months old. The French Bulldog is believed to have originated in England, and then moved into France where it was crossed with other breeds and gained favor in fashionable circles. This breed is well-known for his perked, “bat ears” - a trait that American fanciers of the breed have been faithful of since the early 1900s. This formula is tailor-made for the specific needs of your adorable French Bulldog.

Key Benefits
  • Designed for French Bulldogs over 12 months old
  • L-Carnitine and an appropriate protein content to maintain muscle mass
  • Helps to reduce intestinal fermentation which can cause digestive disorders, flatulence and bad stool odor
  • Helps support good digestion with highly digestible proteins, an appropriate fiber content and high quality carbohydrate sources
  • Kibble design that is easy to pick up and encourages chewing

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