Vigor and Sage Ginseng Sporting Adult Dog Food 2kg (Buy 1 Take 1)




Food for active dogs, Ginseng Sporting Dog is grain less Dog food made with fresh chicken, vegetables and green tea for sporting dogs and active adult dogs. Tasteful and energizing with ginseng that strengthen the immune system.

Fresh Chicken & Green Tea

Fresh, boneless, lean chicken is high in protein, helps stimulate muscle development and maintain a healthy body weight.

Green tea is one of the healthiest leaves on the planet, filled with important nutrients and antioxidants. It also helps remove harmful bacteria in the mouth, improving dental hygiene and leading to fresher breath.

This recipe also includes ginseng and goji berry. Ginseng helps naturally boost the immune system, as well as supporting physical and mental well-being. Goji berry contains natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which helps stimulate and strengthen the immune system.

Our holistic combination of fresh meat with carefully selected herbs, vegetables and fruits provides a highly nutritional and tasty food that follows your sporting dog’s natural daily dietary needs.

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